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LABAR Services Ltd are a professional company who provide a quality service with knowledge, personality and a passion to move things forward in a positive direction.

We thrive on 97 years' experience through honesty, values and trust. Working nationwide, our purpose is to ensure your company has access to the best of what is out there. LABAR Services Ltd can offer services from consultancy to full turn-key solutions.

Giles Barker Giles Barker
Linda Anderson Smith Linda Anderson Smith
Ronnie Ramsell Ron Ramsell

Ron Ramsell

Ronnie Ramsell

I have been working in the refractory and welding industry for over 35 years mainly in management and supervision. For most of my working life I have been a part of the petrochemical, power generation and incineration business.

For the last 14 years I have been a project manager for York Linings International and during this time I have worked on various different project across the globe. During this time, I have been in-charge of the construction of 3 new Fluid Catalytic Cracking Complexes, 2 in Russia for Lukoil and 1 in Belarus for Mozyr Oil Refineries. As well as this, I have worked for the Ministry of Defence on classified projects.

Refractory is concerned with building and maintenance of relevant equipment for the following industries: Aluminium, Cement, Iron/Steel, Incineration, Petrochemical/Oil and Gas and finally Power Generation.

Linda Anderson Smith

Linda Anderson Smith

Linda is an experienced business veteran with a host of successful ventures in her career, with particular instances in the hospitality and accommodation industry along with the construction industry with Royal Crushing.

Linda’s strong sales background, combined with her business acumen and prior experience (especially in the construction industry) gave her prior businesses the credibility required to become established in the market and win our first key clients, which included large and even blue-chip companies. Now dealing directly with the sales, Linda is continuing to fuel growthin her business interests.

Whilst her other company is successfully trading and doubling their turnover each year, Linda thought it was time to start another company. With background knowledge of site facilities and construction, with the right directors with their own specialist knowledge, LABAR Services Ltd was created.

Giles Barker

Giles Barker

Giles has over 16 years experience in the Construction Industry. He has worked on projects around the country, in project management, planning and surveying for Urban Regneration schemes working with companies such as Tag Mclaren and sustainability projects and renewables with Keepmoat.

Giles Barker Rebecca Anderson-Smith
Operations Manager

Rebecca Anderson-Smith

Giles Barker

My aim is to help as many companies as possible to save time and money. Two very valuable principles within your company. Imagine finding extra time in your day and more money in your account.

We provide cost effective solutions for most industries without compromising on quality.

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