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LABAR Services Ltd is a multidisciplinary energy efficiency and sustainability practise

Our sole purpose is to help guide both the general public and commercial organisations to decarbonise and in the same breath save them money in the process.

Director - Linda Anderson-Smith

Linda is a multi skilled entrepreneur with numerous successful businesses under her belt. With a passion for helping people Linda identified a gap in the market in helping hotels save money on energy. This corresponded to the formation of LABAR Services and has led to the increasing number of services and expansion.

Contact Details:

Tel 01724 376677

Technical and Design Manager

Stuart is an experienced energy and sustainability professional with extensive experience in the public, private and industrial worlds of energy. Stuart heads up our Technical and Design teams and is our principle consultant and energy auditor.

Contact details:

Tel: 01724 376677

We provide cost effective solutions for most industries without compromising on quality.

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