LABAR Services LTD

Labar Services Ltd Approved Installer For Heliomotion

Labar Services Ltd based in Lincolnshire secures accreditation from Heliomotion as their North East of England’s premier installer.

“Reinventing Residential Ground Mount Solar Installations With Sun Tracking Technology.”

Heliomotion is a very innovative, high efficiency, dual-axis tracking, ground mounted solar power plant for home use.

The tracker has an integrated GPS module used to determine the local time, date, latitude and longitude. Using this information the tracker is able to calculate the suns position in the sky, and tell the panels exactly where to face. The high precision tracking maximises the energy production throughout the day and guarantees a high return on investment.  Heliomotion’s ground mounted PV system can also be placed freely anywhere within your property grounds and can be easily installed within a 24 hour time scale.

For more information on Heliomotion’s solar tracking systems please click this link 

Renewable energy is a fast paced and ever growing market, as companies and individuals are increasingly becoming aware of their carbon footprint and energy costs, it makes sense for installation companies to be constantly looking at the various eco-friendly ways to reduce them. Labar Services Ltd have an expert team that specialise in assisting businesses and individual’s future-proof their premises, and have already helped many businesses start and develop their own sustainable energy journey.  Why not start your own sustainable energy journey with Labar Services Ltd ? Contact a member of the team today on 01724 376677 or email