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Domestic Solar PV

With a dependable workforce we provide all elements of design and installation of domestic solar PV systems.

Reducing your energy bills from the power of the sun

Solar PV or Photovoltaic’s is simply the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy via a medium or as we call it a solar panel. Operating from your Lincolnshire base we install only quality equipment that has passed our stringent due diligence process, ensuring that you can rest assured your investment will benefit you for many years to come.

Battery systems are becoming ever more popular, we and guide you through the process of what system will most benefit you and what battery size would suit your house.

With a solar panel installation you can cut your energy bills, reduce your carbon emissions and protect yourself against future energy bill inflation.

Installing solar panels is a relatively simple process:

  • Initial consultation
  • Survey discussions
  • Bespoke design and 3D rendering
  • Pricing and Quotation
  • Guiding you through the quote

Things you need to know:

  • Grid approval: If you wish to install a solar system which is over 16amps we need to ask the National Grid for approval this can take 45 working Days
  • If your roof is not a conventional constriction we may have to employ a structural engineer for approval
  • If you are considering an EV charging point let us know and we can create a bundle deal

Our team are always available to answer your questions.

Standard PV installation

A standard domestic solar installation usually consists of around 8-14 panels, and inverter which converts the power generated by the panels into usable power. A mounting system and simple safety electronics to make sure the system is safe and easy to use.

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With batteries

There are two types of battery installation, dependant on what you would like depends on the system we will specify. You can use the excess solar you generate during the day to power your house during the night, and even be able to power your house even during a power cut.

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