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Groundworks, Aggregates

With a dependable network, LABAR Services Ltd can provide an accomplished start to any enterprise with proficient groundworks and aggregates services.

Our excellent network for Groundworks & Aggregates

Operating across the UK, LABAR Services Ltd provides the skill & knowledge to help save the client time and money. From the first site visit, LABAR Services Ltd is keen to move the project forward by making sure the right Health and Safety documents are in place, making the site as cost efficient as possible.


Here are just some of the work we do within the Groundworks sector:

  • Site Clearance
  • Drainage
  • Farm Roads
  • Excavations of Ponds & Lakes
  • Manage Area
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • All Groundworks and Earthworks

Our team are always available to answer your questions.

Demolition / Site Clearance

All materials removed from the site are disposed of In the appropriate manner, the materials are either recycled for re-use in or on other projects if not salvageable, then the materials are disposed at a registered landfill site, all relevant documents supplied to our client.

Asbestos; how the client hates that word, LABAR Services Ltd provide the appropriate solution to removing all asbestos related problems, from survey to disposal or coating with the specialised material (lasts around 25 years).

Crushing / Aggregates

With advice from our specialist team,  we can discuss with the client if it’s achievable from your rubble/aggregate on site.

Do you require a 6F2, 6F5 & Type 1 Material from your rubble and aggregate on site? If so, speak to one of our specialist team today.

We provide cost effective solutions for most industries without compromising on quality.

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